Bethesda Big Train Managerial Awards (1999-Present)

* denotes pictured at right



Most Valuable Player: Dixon Williams (East Carolina)*

Offensive Player of the Year: Jeffery Heard (Oregon)

Pitcher of the Year: Brandon Cassedy (Christopher Newport)

Relief Pitcher of the Year: Max Martzolf (Florida Atlantic)




Most Valuable Player: Nick Del Prado (Florida Atlantic)*

Golden Spikes Award Winner: Emilien Pitre (Kentucky)

Most Outstanding Starting Pitcher: Ryan Sanders (St. Mary's (CA))

Most Outstanding Relief Pitcher: Jordan Little (East Carolina)

Most Outstanding Hitter: Luke Nowak (East Carolina)

Most Outstanding Defender: Jason Schiavone (James Madison)





Most Valuable Player: Matt Thomas (William & Mary)*

Most Outstanding Starting Pitcher: Grayson Hitt (Alabama)

Most Outstanding Relief Pitcher: Ryan Metz (Virginia Tech)

Most Outstanding Hitter: Rocco Peppi (Long Beach State)

Most Outstanding Defender: Keith Torres (Sacramento State)




Most Valuable Player: Kobe Kato (Arizona)*

Most Outstanding Starting Pitcher: Ryan Okuda (Virginia Tech)

Most Outstanding Relief Pitcher: Chase Lee (Alabama)

Most Outstanding Hitter: Matt Thomas (William & Mary)

Most Outstanding Defender: Keith Torres (Sacramento State)

Most Outstanding Hustle: Gio Diaz (St. Mary's (CA))



Most Valuable Player: Alec Burleson (East Carolina)*

Most Outstanding Starting Pitcher: Carlos Lomeli (St. Mary's (CA))

Most Outstanding Relief Pitcher: Ryan Metz (Virginia Tech)

Most Outstanding Hitter: Justin Wylie (Arizona)

Most Outstanding Utility Man: Fox Semones (James Madison)



Most Valuable Player: James Outman (Sacramento State)*

Most Outstanding Starting Pitcher: Ty Madrigal (St. Mary's (CA))

Most Outstanding Relief Pitcher: Stephen Schoch (UMBC)

Most Outstanding Hitter: Logan Driscoll (George Mason)

Most Outstanding Defender: Justin Morris (Maryland)

Most Outstanding Hustle: Jacob Koos (Stetson)

Most Outstanding Utility Man: Kevin Milam (St. Mary's (CA))



Most Valuable Player: Vinny Esposito (Sacramento State)

Most Outstanding Pitcher: Logan Gilbert (Stetson)

Most Outstanding Relief Pitcher: Mack Meyer (San Francisco)

Most Outstanding Hitter: Clayton Daniel (Jacksonville State)

Hustle Award: Cody Brown (Mississippi State)



Most Valuable Player: Tim Yandel (Tulane)

Most Outstanding Relief Pitcher: Miller Trevvett (Radford)

Most Outstanding Hitter: Chris Lewis (Sacramento State)

Hustle Award: Brandon Hundley (Sacramento State)



Most Valuable Player: Brandon Lowe (Maryland)

Most Outstanding Pitcher: Kit Scheetz (Virginia Tech)

Most Outstanding Hitter: Stephen Alemais (Tulane)

Most Outstanding Defensive Player: Logan Farrar (Virginia Commonwealth)

Hustle Award: Cody Brown (Mississippi State)



Most Valuable Player: Bubba Derby (San Diego State)

Most Outstanding Pitcher: Michael Boyle (Radford)

Most Outstanding Hitter: Ty France (San Diego State)

Most Outstanding Fielder: Ryne Willard (Tallahassee CC)

Hustle Award: David Del Grande (Sacramento State)



Most Valuable Player: Hunter Renfroe (Mississippi State)

Most Outstanding Pitcher: Bo Logan (Florida Atlantic)

Most Outstanding Hitter: Brendan Hendriks (San Francisco)

Hustle Award: Brennan Middleton (Tulane)



Most Valuable Player: Adam Barry (Cal State Northridge)

Most Outstanding Pitcher: Matt Bowman (Princeton)

Most Outstanding Hitter: Hunter Renfroe (Mississippi State)

Most Outstanding Relief Pitcher: Michael Aldrete (San Jose State)



Most Valuable Player: Mason Morioka (San Francisco)

Most Outstanding Pitcher: Bryan Hamilton (UNC Charlotte)

Most Outstanding Starting Pitcher: Cameron Love (San Francisco)

Most Outstanding Hitter: Austin Harclerode (Towson)

Most Outstanding Fielder: Connor Bernatz (San Francisco)

Hustle Award: Ryan Collins (Mississippi State)



Co-Most Valuable Players: Luke Adkins (Mississippi State), Eli Boike (Michigan State) and Danny Stienstra (San Jose State)

Co-Most Outstanding Pitchers: Jordan Beistline (Jacksonville State) and Cameron Love (San Francisco)

Most Outstanding Relief Pitcher: Mike Matta (Mount St. Mary’s)

Most Outstanding Hitter: Jarrod Parks (Mississippi State)

Most Outstanding Fielder: Connor Bernatz (San Francisco)



Most Valuable Player: Matt Hiserman (San Francisco)

Most Outstanding Hitter: Danny Stienstra (San Jose State)

Most Outstanding Fielder: Ryan Mulligan (Saint Mary’s (CA))

Most Outstanding Two-Way Player: Scott Schneider (Saint Mary’s (CA))

Distinguished Service Award: Steven Leach (Jacksonville State)



Most Valuable Player: Bert Smith (Jacksonville State)

Co-Most Outstanding Pitchers: Brian Anderson (San Francisco) and Keith Moreland (UNC Charlotte)

Most Outstanding Relief Pitcher: Matt Hiserman (Santa Clara)

Most Outstanding Hitter: Jon Karcich (Santa Clara)

Most Outstanding Fielder: Evan Friedland (Michigan State)



Most Valuable Player: Matt Long (Santa Clara)

Most Outstanding Pitcher: Chris Cullen (Michigan State)

Most Outstanding Hitter: Luke Adkins (Southern Mississippi)

Most Outstanding Fielder: Cory Lane (UNC – Charlotte)

Distinguished Service Award: Adam Redd (Virginia Tech)



Most Valuable Player: Greg Lemon (Salisbury)

Most Outstanding Pitcher: Adam Redd (Virginia Tech)

Most Outstanding Fielder: Nick Cleckler (Jacksonville State)

Leadership Awards: Jonnie Knoble (San Francisco) and Andrew L. Smith (San Francisco)



Co-Most Valuable Players: Jonnie Knoble (San Francisco) and Greg Lemon (Salisbury)

Most Outstanding Pitcher: Keith Moreland (UNC Charlotte)

Most Outstanding Hitter: Brian LaNinfa (Mississippi State)

Hustle Award: Adam Redd (Virginia Tech)



Most Valuable Player: Mike Costanzo (Coastal Carolina)

Most Outstanding Pitcher: Shay Horseman (Middle Tennessee State)



Co-Most Valuable Players: Byron Binda (Coastal Carolina) and Gus Hlebovy (Kent State)

Co-Most Outstanding Hitters: David B. Hughes (Morehead State and Indiana) and Derek Hutton (Florida Atlantic)



Most Valuable Player: Casey Gilvin (Morehead State)

Most Outstanding Pitcher: Steve Kline (Middle Tennessee State)



Most Valuable Player: Pat Boran (Princeton)

Most Outstanding Pitcher: Matt Kleweno (Campbell)

Most Outstanding Relief Pitcher: Justin “J.D.” Davis (Old Dominion)



Most Valuable Player: Greg Davies (Towson)

Most Outstanding Pitcher: Bo Acors (Virginia Commonwealth)

Co-Most Outstanding Hitters: Chuck Easter (Maryland) and Steve Thomas (South Carolina)

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