Ballpark Reviewers Have A Ball at Povich Field

by Rekha Leonard

Writers from Stadium Journey met for breakfast before Sunday’s game with local members of SABR (Society for American Baseball Research).

Wherever there’s a ball and people sitting down watching, you might just find representatives from Stadium Journey taking in the action. On Sunday, a dozen Stadium Journey writers convened at Shirley Povich Field for their annual convention. The group spent time taking in the ballpark, watching the Bethesda Big Train game, and enjoying breakfast and lunch in the pavilion with 20 members of the Society for American Baseball Research.

“We are really honored that Stadium Journey picked Povich Field to hold its annual summer meeting of writers and grateful to receive one of the very highest ratings given to any summer college ballpark,” Big Train founder and president Bruce Adams said. “We are especially pleased to receive the top possible grade of 5 for atmosphere, fans, return on investment, and extras.”

Founded in 2009, Stadium Journey reviews sports stadiums, compiling tips and information about the experience for sports travelers. The organization started with the goal to review all the major league ballparks, and it has since expanded its coverage of the four major sports, minor league baseball, college sports, and more, including summer ball leagues like the Cal Ripken Sr. League.

“The Big Train have certainly succeeded in creating a top-notch community baseball experience in Bethesda,” wrote Gregory Koch in his Stadium Journey review of the Big Train. “On a warm summer night (or the occasional 10 AM Sunday game), baseball fans in Montgomery County will certainly want to make the trip to Shirley Povich Field. It is baseball fun for seasoned fans, young families, and everyone in between.”

The main thing Stadium Journey writers take note of in their reviews is the ballpark experience. At Shirley Povich Field, they appreciated the professional feel.

“It’s a wonderful little ballpark,” Stadium Journey CFO Richard Smith said. “It’s got a great atmosphere, the team and everything runs really well. Honestly, it’s as good as any minor league park that I’ve ever been to.”

Stadium Journey writers take note of other things to do in the area too, along with nice restaurants and places to stay. When fans come to Bethesda to catch a Big Train game, Stadium Journey has them covered with recommendations for their entire trip.

“Say you’re coming to Bethesda for the first time and you're looking to catch a baseball game, our goal is to give you all the information that might make your stay a pleasant one,” Stadium Journey President Paul Baker said. “It’s more than just the ballpark itself if you’re looking to come down to visit somewhere for a weekend.”

The Stadium Journey group spent the weekend checking out the D.C. area before heading to Sunday’s Big Train game. They updated the Big Train page on their site with their recent experience, rating the Big Train a five-out-of-five on key indicators. Any fan looking to attend a Big Train game this season can look to Stadium Journey to come equipped with the most current information.