Newman the Hero as Big Train Walk-off Exhibition Game

by Lily Stewart

ROCKVILLE, Md. —The Bethesda Big Train started its season with a 10-9 win in their exhibition game against the Southern Maryland Senators. The theme of the game: stealing. Between both teams there were 22 stolen bases and only one running was caught stealing.

The Senators came out strong going up by two runs in the top of the first. It didn’t take long for the bats of the Big Train to get hot. Big Train scored two runs in the bottom of the first to tie the game. Many of these opportunities arose from stolen bases as the Big Train were able to steal five bases in this inning alone.

Davin Whitaker (East Carolina) was walked to load the bases in the bottom of the second. Josh Skowronski (Kentucky) was hit by pitch, following Whitaker, to walk in a run. This allowed the Big Train to take the lead by one.

Starter Kevin Scully (James Madison) pitched two innings only allowing two runs. He also held the Senators to a scoreless second. He handed the ball over to Jordan Capuano (UNC-Wilmington).

The third inning put a hold on scoring. To end the inning catcher Cole Constable (Maryland) was able to tag out the player running home after a laser was thrown from right field by Skowronski.

“Before that pitch, I was like I hope that guy runs. Sure enough it [the ball] came right to me, and I love doing that,” said Skrowronski.

Both teams were able to get out unscathed, allowing Big Train to keep the lead.

On the contrary, the fourth inning saw some hot bats and quick feet. The Senators stole two bases putting a player in scoring position, which they capitalized on. They scored two runs taking the lead 5-3. Bethesda didn’t let this get them down as they were able to rebound to a three run lead.

“Obviously, the first game the bats aren’t gonna be hot…it’s gonna take some time to gel with each other and get into a groove but, I think give us a couple of games, I think we’ll be hot,” said Skowonski.

Two bases were stolen allowing Whitaker to score. Then Matthew Westley (Virginia Tech) scored the tying run. Carter Newman (Virginia Tech) didn’t let the pitcher catch a break. Newman hit a double allowing the runners on second and third to score putting Bethesda up by three.

The fifth inning was silent from both teams as no runs were scored, only bases were stolen. Both teams took two bases. Capuano was relieved by Aden Ritenour (Shepherd).

The sixth inning saw both a pitching and catching change. Luca Perriello (Virginia Tech) succeeded Constable and Aaron Ceniceros (Cal State Fullerton) took over on the mound. Southern Maryland was able to steal one base but left the inning scoreless. It was also scoreless for Bethesda in runs but not in stolen bases adding two more to their total. 

Bethesda extended the lead by one, 9-5, in the seventh before the Senators saw the momentum head their way storming back to score four runs to tie the game a nine.  

Jonathan Stevens (Alabama) was the closer for the night. Stevens was able to stop the Senators momentum as he left them scorless allowing Bethesda a chance to steal the game.

That’s exactly what happened when Carter Newman (Virginia Tech) deposited the ball in left field allowing the winning run to score and the remaining hearty fans to go home happy.

Bethesda opens the Cal Ripken Sr. League tomorrow with a home game against rival Gaithersburg Giants at 7 p.m.