Say Goodbye: Big Train Final Home Game vs Thunderbolts

by Staff

On Sunday, Bethesda Big Train will take on the Silver Spring-Takoma Thunderbolts at Shirley Povich field for the final such match-up of the season. The Thunderbolts have thus far been the Big Train's most common opponent, and Bethesda has fared well in the previous contests. They sport a 5-1 record coming into Sunday's match-up against Silver Spring-Takoma.

Coming into this game, the Big Train have been on a mini hot streak. They've won three straight, and when the trains start to roll they can be a little difficult to stop. That heat the Big Train are feeling can be attributed to performers such asĀ Darius Foster (San Francisco), who knocked his third home run of the season out of the park against the FCA Braves on Saturday.

Another important performer lately has beenĀ Keith Torres (Sacramento State). Early in the season, Torres struggled to find hits despite landing solid contact frequently; now, though, he has hovered around .500 for his last thirty-or-so at-bats, raising his average on the entire season significantly.

The game tonight is set for 7 p.m. Come to the gates and show your support for the Big Train! Oh, and did I mention? It's also the team's "Jersey Night." That means us interns and you fans are encouraged to come to the game rocking the jersey of your favorite athlete, any sport. Or, you know, if you just think a jersey looks cool but you're not really a big fan of the player--that's okay too. But come on down to Shirley Povich field tonight at seven.